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Live updates: Latest on the Berlin attack investigation

Three people including the nephew of the Berlin Christmas market attacker Anis Amri have been arrested in Tunisia.

Tunisia's Interior Ministry said Amri - who was shot dead on Friday - had sent his 18-year-old nephew Fedi money to join him in Europe.

Twelve people were killed and dozens more injured in the attack on Monday.

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Witness to Berlin tragedy: 'It wasn't an accident'

A Scottish tourist has described the moment he and his girlfriend fled from a lorry as it tore through a Christmas market in Berlin.

Thomas Butler had been in the city only a few hours when they decided to visit the market to do some Christmas shopping. Then Mr Butler caught sight of the lorry.

"Before we knew it the big lorry had turned a corner and I had it in my eye shot and we heard all this noise and all the people started running towards myself and my partner" he said.

"They were screaming so we assumed the worst, I grabbed [my girlfriend] and we just ran."

Mr Butler and his girlfriend escaped to the subway where they warned other people "don't go upstairs".

The police arrived on the scene "pretty quickly" said Mr Butler "they were saying to us it's a traffic accident and I was saying no I have seen the lorry it wasn't an accident".

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