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Woman dies after crash 'involving 20 vehicles' on A40 in Oxfordshire

A woman has been killed as around 20 vehicles were involved in a major crash when roads became treacherous due to thick fog.

The A40 was closed in both directions due to the multi-vehicle crash, which stretched for more than half a mile near Witney in Oxfordshire, the ambulance service said.

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'Heavy fog' made driving conditions 'really dangerous'

Pregnant mother-of-two Ami Gaston, from Carterton, saw the first vehicle crash.

She said: "A man on his own had skidded and crashed into middle barrier. My partner was driving - we had to swerve out of the right lane to avoid hitting him. His door was open and air bags were released."

She added that the heavy fog meant the situation was "really dangerous", as it was difficult to see any other car until you were "on top of it".

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