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Donald Trump '100% behind Nato', says Theresa May after meeting

Donald Trump is "100% behind Nato", Theresa May has said following their first meeting.

In the past, Mr Trump has described the organisation as "obsolete" and questioned the contribution of some members.

During a joint press conference:

  • Mrs May revealed the president had accepted an invitation to make a state visit to the UK later this year
  • Mr Trump hailed the "special relationship" between the two countries as "one of the great forces in history"
  • The president said he would allow decisions on torture to be made by his defence secretary James Mattis
  • And Mr Trump said Brexit would be a "wonderful thing" for the UK
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Who got Bakewell tarts? Trump and May gifts revealed

Donald Trump and Theresa May had some gifts for each other Credit: PA

Theresa May has a new picture of Abraham Lincoln and Donald Trump a traditional Scottish cup - after the pair gave gifts to each other.

The Prime Minister received a framed image of the former American President from the 1865 edition of Harper's Weekly magazine, courtesy of Mr Trump.

Accompanying the gift was a line from Lincoln's inauguration address, touching on "malice toward none, with charity for all."

Meanwhile, Mrs May presented the President with a traditional Scottish cup, known as a "quaich," reflecting Mr Trump's Scottish ancestry.

First Lady Melania Trump gave a pair of silver cuff-links to Mrs May's husband Philip, while he gifted her with a hamper filled with apple juice, jam, marmalade, Bakewell tarts, cranberries and white chocolate "sorties."

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