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Migrant crisis and defence on agenda as May meets EU leaders

Britain will continue to help tackle Europe's migrant crisis after Brexit, Theresa May has told EU leaders today.

The prime minister made the announcement after using one-to-one talks with fellow leaders in Malta to insist she wants a "new, positive and constructive" relationship with the EU while remaining a "reliable partner" after Brexit.

At the summit, Mrs May also announced a £30 million fund to protect vulnerable migrants from freezing conditions and the threat of people-trafficking and sexual violence.

Defence will also be high on the agenda at the gathering in Malta's capital Valletta, and Mrs May is expected to tell her counterparts they must boost spending following her talks with Donald Trump on his attitude towards Nato.

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EU leaders suspicious of May-Trump relationship

European leaders are watching the relationship between Theresa May and Donald Trump with suspicion, according to ITV News Europe Editor James Mates.

At the first EU summit since President Trump was sworn in, French President Francois Hollande said Donald Trump was putting "unacceptable pressure" on the union.

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker echoed Mr Hollande's criticism, suggesting Mr Trump "does not know Europe".

Although leaders believe that she did good work on convincing Trump to continue supporting Nato, she also pressed her counterparts to commit to spending 2% of GDP on defence, as per Nato rules.

There are suggestions that, if the Trump administration continues being antagonistic, EU leaders think the UK will need to choose whether to enjoy a close relationship with Washington, or with Brussels.

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