DfiD: South Sudan aid needs to reach 'those most in need'

South Sudan is in the grip of the world's first famine in six years. Credit: ITV News

Children are at risk of dying from starvation on a daily basis in South Sudan unless vital food and aid is allowed to reach vulnerable people, International Development Secretary Priti Patel has warned.

More than 270,000 children in the country are suffering from severe malnutrition, according to Unicef.

In response to ITV News Africa Correspondent John Ray's report from inside the country on its famine crisis, and amid Unicef's warning 270,000 children are suffering from severe malnutrition, Ms Patel said:

“Children will die tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that, until the South Sudanese authorities allow food and life-saving aid to reach those most in need."

“It is completely abhorrent that the Government of South Sudan who should be protecting its own people are instead focused on fighting and not letting aid through which is causing this famine," she added.

“The UK is ensuring millions of people in South Sudan get urgently needed food, water and medicine and the international community now needs to step up alongside Britain to stop famine spreading and help support stability in South Sudan and the region, which is firmly in all our interests.”