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Syria attack: Post-mortems 'point to Sarin being used'

The chemical attack in Syria has now killed at least 86 people, including 30 children.

Here is what we know so far:

  • The attack happened on Tuesday in the north Syrian town of Khan Sheikhoun
  • At least 86 people have died and dozens more are injured
  • One father lost his wife, brother and twin babies
  • Syria's foreign minister has said his country will never use chemical weapons
  • Early post-mortems 'point to the nerve agent Sarin being used'
  • Theresa May and Donald Trump are among world leaders blaming President Assad for the "barbaric" attack
  • Russia is continuing to back Assad and claims the attack was caused by a Syrian air strike which hit a stockpile of chemical arms
  • The US ambassador to the UN has called for Russia to step in saying: "How many children have to die before Russia cares?"
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Chemical weapons watchdog contacts Syria on 'gas attack'

Turkish experts carry a victim of the alleged gas attacks in Syria. Credit: AP

The international chemical weapons watchdog has contacted Syrian authorities after President Assad's regime was accused of launching a gas attack on his own citizens.

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) confirmed it was investigating reports of a nerve gas attack in Idlib province on Tuesday which left 86 dead including 30 children.

All member states of an international treaty banning the use of chemical weapons have also been asked for "any information they may have" on the Idlib attack, the OPCW said in a statement.

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