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Live: Labour and Ukip suffer as Tories make big gains

Votes are being counted for local elections in parts of England and the whole of Scotland and Wales.

A total of 4,851 seats in 88 councils are up for grabs. Six devolved regions have also been selecting mayors for the first time.

  • Early results gave Theresa May a major boost, with the Conservatives picking up more than 550 councillors and gaining control of 11 authorities.
  • Labour forfeited more than 300 council seats but lost control of Glasgow and suffered reverses in Welsh strongholds
  • Conservative Ben Houchen became the first elected mayor of Tees Valley, a Labour north-east heartland, while Conservative Andy Street became the first West Midlands metropolitan mayor, beating Labour's Sion Simon
  • Former Labour cabinet minister Andy Burnham won the mayoral contest in Greater Manchester
  • The Liberal Democrats failed to break through against the Tories in south-west England but have made advances in some General Election target seats like Eastleigh and Wells
  • Ukip shed 63 seats, picking up a solitary councillor in Lancashire
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UKIP vote collapses in its former Lincolnshire heartlands

  • Video report by ITV News Political Correspondent Paul Brand

Ukip saw a dreadful day in the local elections - and nowhere more than in their former heartlands in Lincolnshire.

The party went from the official council opposition to being wiped off the electoral map as voters abandoned the party in droves - with most switching over to the Conservatives.

Many said that they did not like current leader Paul Nuttall - who is due to stand as an MP in the area's Boston and Skegness constituency in 2017.

Others believed that with the vote for Brexit won, Theresa May was in the best position to deliver an exit.

With some predicting that Ukip was a spent political force, others insisted that the party would return.

Victoria Ayling, a former Ukip councillor, said: "We came from nothing and we will rise from the ashes."

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