Sturgeon: Corbyn is 'million miles' from Number 10

A "meltdown" in the Labour Party means Scottish voters must vote SNP to rein in an "unfettered, out-of-control" Tory government, Nicola Sturgeon believes.

Scotland's First Minister described Jeremy Corbyn as being "a million miles" from Number 10 and emphasised the importance of electing a strong opposition to the Conservatives.

Speaking to Peston on Sunday, Ms Sturgeon said the polls indicated there would not be the necessary "arithmetic" for a coalition involving SNP and Labour.

"She [Theresa May] called this election to strengthen her hand, in her own words, and that makes it all the more important that there are strong voices of opposition in the House of Commons after this election and that we don't have an unfettered, out-of-control Tory government, able to do whatever it wants," she said.

"From a Scottish point of view, the only way to make sure there are strong voices standing up for Scotland is to vote SNP."

She added that the biggest risk from the election would be to hand a Conservative government a "blank cheque and free hand" over Brexit negotiations.