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The ITV Leaders' Debate, fact-checked

The team of fact-checkers from Full Fact were with ITV News to debunk and analyse the leaders' claims during the ITV Leaders' Debate on Thursday.

A number of topics were debated, including grammar schools, the deficit, housing benefit and foreign aid.

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Fact-checked: 80,000 Scotland jobs 'at risk' in no-deal Brexit scenario

More than 80,000 jobs in Scotland could be at risk in the event of no deal at the end of Brexit negotiations, according to SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon.

Most economists agree Brexit will see fewer jobs being created and some jobs lost, fact-checking charity Full Fact say.

As for what happens to Scotland, one set of forecasts for the Scottish parliament did estimate that ten years after Brexit, there would be 80,000 fewer jobs in Scotland than there would have been.

But this isn’t a figure for how many individuals would lose their jobs - rather it’s how many fewer jobs there would be in the economy.

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