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The ITV Leaders' Debate, fact-checked

The team of fact-checkers from Full Fact were with ITV News to debunk and analyse the leaders' claims during the ITV Leaders' Debate on Thursday.

A number of topics were debated, including grammar schools, the deficit, housing benefit and foreign aid.

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Fact-checked: Foreign aid costs UK '£30 million each day'

Foreign aid 'costs £30 million every single day'.

Britain's foreign aid budget costs around £30 million every single day, according to Ukip leader Paul Nuttall.

The UK’s foreign aid budget in 2016 added up to £13.3 billion, Full Fact say.

That’s even more per day than Mr Nuttall claims - around £36 million per day. The 2015 budget was closer to his figure.

The budget rises in line with the size of the UK economy, as we aim to meet a UN target of 0.7%. Mr Nuttall was correct to say that the United States is nowhere near meeting this - it typically spends only 0.2%.

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