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The ITV Leaders' Debate, fact-checked

The team of fact-checkers from Full Fact were with ITV News to debunk and analyse the leaders' claims during the ITV Leaders' Debate on Thursday.

A number of topics were debated, including grammar schools, the deficit, housing benefit and foreign aid.

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Fact-checked: Immigrants make 'huge contribution' to UK economy

Immigrants make a huge contribution to the UK economy, according to Green co-leader Caroline Lucas.

The impact of immigration on public finances is relatively small according to most studies, costing or contributing less than 1% of UK GDP, Full Fact say.

Immigrants from the European Economic Area and recent immigrants are more likely to have a positive impact (or less likely to have a negative impact).

No overall figure necessarily represents the experiences of any individual or local area: for example immigration's public service impacts vary by region.

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