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The ITV Leaders' Debate, fact-checked

The team of fact-checkers from Full Fact were with ITV News to debunk and analyse the leaders' claims during the ITV Leaders' Debate on Thursday.

A number of topics were debated, including grammar schools, the deficit, housing benefit and foreign aid.

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Green: Four million children in UK 'living in poverty'

Four million children 'living in poverty' in UK.

Four million children in the UK are currently living in poverty, according to Green co-leader Caroline Lucas.

That’s the correct estimate for 2015/16 looking at ‘relative poverty’ once housing costs were taken into account, fact-checking charity Full Fact believe.

This hasn’t changed significantly in recent years.

Relative poverty looks at households with less than 60% of the median income that year. There are other ways to measure poverty, though, which give you different figures.

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