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Manchester bomber: Police appeal to find suitcase as station reopens

Manchester Victoria railway station has reopened a week after the suicide bombing which killed 22 people and left more than 100 injured.

The reopening of the station comes just hours after a vigil was held in Manchester city centre for the victims of the attack, and a day after police appealed for information about a blue suitcase bomber Salman Abedi was carrying on the day of the attack.

Here is the latest on the investigation:

  • 14 men are in custody in connection with the bombing, which killed 22 people
  • Detectives have also been searching a landfill site in Bury in connection with the attack
  • MI5 has launched two inquiries into 'missed warnings' over the Manchester bomber
  • Of the more than 100 injured, 50 remain in hospital
  • The UK's terror threat has now been reduced from critical to severe
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So-called Islamic State claims to be behind attack

The police presence outside Manchester Arena. Credit: PA

So-called Islamic State have claimed to be behind the terror attack at Manchester Arena which left 22 people dead and 59 injured.

The terror organisation claimed that the attack was carried out using an explosive device which was planted at the Ariana Grande concert.

In a translated statement the group said: "The destruction of 100 crusaders with an explosive IED in the city of Manchester, Britain.

"By the grace of god in revenge for the religion of god most high and the terrorism of the polytheists, as a response to their enmity and the lands of the Muslim, one of the soldiers of the caliphate has managed to place an IED in a group of crusaders in the city of Manchester Britain.

"And it was in the building of the arena of the party which results in the death of 30 crusaders and injury of 70 others."

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