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Live updates: Theresa May appoints new cabinet members in reshuffle

  • The Prime Minister is appointing new cabinet members in a reshuffle of her cabinet following an election that saw the Conservatives lose their majority.
  • On Friday Mrs May reappointed most of her senior cabinet team
  • It comes as the Conservative party continue talks to strike a "confidence and supply" agreement with the DUP after Tories lost their majority in the General Election
  • Former Housing Minister Gavin Barwell is appointed Downing Street's new chief of staff after Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill quit
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Ed Balls: There will be a second election soon

If an exit poll which suggests the Conservatives have not won an overall majority is correct then "there will be another election soon", says Ed Balls.

The ex-Labour shadow Chancellor told ITV News that because the Liberals, Labour and the SNP have ruled out any coalitions with the Tories, we will not be in "coalition territory".

Mr Balls said: "We're going to be in a very, very unstable hung parliament, if this is correct there will be a second election soon".

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