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Live updates: Theresa May appoints new cabinet members in reshuffle

  • The Prime Minister is appointing new cabinet members in a reshuffle of her cabinet following an election that saw the Conservatives lose their majority.
  • On Friday Mrs May reappointed most of her senior cabinet team
  • It comes as the Conservative party continue talks to strike a "confidence and supply" agreement with the DUP after Tories lost their majority in the General Election
  • Former Housing Minister Gavin Barwell is appointed Downing Street's new chief of staff after Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill quit
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George Osborne: Theresa May manifesto 'worst in history'

George Osborne has slammed Theresa May's manifesto and described it as the "worst in history".

After the exit poll predicted a hung parliament, the former Chancellor said the document was a "total disaster."

He told ITV News: "The manifesto which was drafted by her and about two other people was a total disaster and must go down now as one of the worst manifestos in history by a governing party.

"I say one of the worst, I can't think of a worse one."

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