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Live updates: Theresa May appoints new cabinet members in reshuffle

  • The Prime Minister is appointing new cabinet members in a reshuffle of her cabinet following an election that saw the Conservatives lose their majority.
  • On Friday Mrs May reappointed most of her senior cabinet team
  • It comes as the Conservative party continue talks to strike a "confidence and supply" agreement with the DUP after Tories lost their majority in the General Election
  • Former Housing Minister Gavin Barwell is appointed Downing Street's new chief of staff after Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill quit
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May reacts to result: Conservatives will ensure stability

Theresa May has said that whatever the election results are the Conservatives will fulfill their duty to ensure "stability" for the country as she was re-elected MP for Maidenhead.

Being returned to the seat with over 37,000 votes, the Prime Minister reiterated the message she based her election campaign around saying the country needs above all else "a period of stability".

In her acceptance speech Mrs May said the party put the key issues for the country at the heart of their campaign: "As we ran this campaign we set out to consider the issues that are the key priorities for the British people.

"Getting the Brexit deal right, ensuring that we both identify and show how we can address the big challenges facing our country, doing what is in the national interest."

The Tory leader added: "That is always what I have tried to do in my time as a Member of Parliament and my resolve to do that is the same this morning as it always has been."

As a majority win is looking increasingly unlikely for the Tories Mrs May added: "As we look ahead and we wait to see what the final results will be, I know that as I say the country needs a period of stability.

"Whatever the results are, the Conservative party will ensure that we fulfill our duty in ensuring that stability, so that we can all, as one country go forward together."

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