Pride of Britain Award winner, five, inspires Prince William

A five-year-old girl who called 999 and saved her mother's life after she collapsed, has inspired Prince William to teach his son George what to do in an emergency.

On Monday, Suzie McCash won a "Child of Courage" award at the Pride of Britain Awards where she met the Duke of Cambridge.

Prince William was clearly impressed as the Northumberland schoolgirl recounted how she called they ambulance and followed their instructions last year.

He then told the little girl that her actions had prompted him to discuss what to do in a similar situation with his son: "I have a four year-old boy called George and if I gave him a telephone I do not know what he would do?

"You did brilliantly, exactly what you're meant to do and you know what? I am going to have that conversation with my George about what to do because it is really important."