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Cat with bloodied ears found with kittens in Derry

A cat has been found in Derry with severely damaged ears. Credit: Rainbow Rehoming Centre

A stray cat has been taken in by a rehoming centre in Londonderry after being found with severe damage to her ears.

The cat has been named Leah by staff at the Rainbow Rehoming Centre and was found with her two kittens after members of the public reported a stray in the Ballynamore Road area on Thursday.

In a Facebook post, staff at the centre said that Leah had two “badly damaged ears” but that she was receiving the treatment she needed.

They have appealed for anyone with information on how Leah came to be injured to get in contact with the centre.

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Suzanne Fleming works at the centre and said that there had been a quick turnaround in getting Leah in and getting her treated.

“When we got the phonecall yesterday, it was basically from a concerned member of the public who had noticed a stray cat hanging around.

“But he noticed in the past few weeks that her ears had become very damaged looking, so we obviously said to bring her on in and whenever they went to bring her in they found her with two kittens.

“We had a wee look and instantly knew there was a problem because even the smell of her ears themselves, there was just something wasn’t right and she was rushed off to the vet."

– Suzanne Fleming

“She’s getting the necessary care and she’s back at the centre, with the necessary antoibiotics.

“She’s healthy enough bar her ears and her and her kittens are safe and getting all the treatment they need.

“We put an appeal up for information and we’ve had a great response from the public, we’ve had donations and people offering for homes for her.”