Latest Game of Thrones door unveiled near Dark Hedges

The latest Game of Thrones door has been unveiled just metres from arguably the most iconic filming location for the hit series – the Dark Hedges, known to fans as the Kingsroad.

The latest home of one of the coveted doors is Gracehill House near Ballymoney, Co Antrim.

The doors are literally a part of Game of Thrones history, having been carved from two of the 200-year-old trees at the Dark Hedges which were destroyed during a winter storm.

A total of 10 doors have been created, each telling the story of an episode from season six.

The locations are being revealed at the end of each episode to fans around the world, all as part of a Tourism Ireland campaign.

Given that Gracehill house is the home of the royal descendant who planted the Dark Hedges trees over 200 years ago, it is particularly fitting that this week’s door is now hanging there.

Echoing scenes from the latest episode, it features striking designs and depicts three-eyed ravens.

The seventh 'Door of Thrones' features three-eyed ravens. Credit: Tourism Ireland

The first door is hanging in The Cuan guest inn in Strangford, near the filming locations of Castle Ward and Audley’s Castle.

The second door is hanging in Fiddlers Green in Portaferry, near Quintin Bay.

The third, in the Percy French restaurant in Newcastle, is near Tollymore Forest Park and the fourth door is in Blakes of the Hollow in Enniskillen, near Pollagollum Cave.

The fifth door is in Frank Owens Bar in Limavady, near Downhill Strand, and the sixth door is in the Fullerton Arms in Ballintoy - the setting for the Iron Islands.