Huge turnout for Bishop Daly's funeral

Credit: UTV

The funeral of retired Bishop of Derry Edward Daly is taking place in Londonderry, with thousands in attendance.

Fr Daly died on Monday, aged 82.

Family, senior clergy and political figures from across the island of Ireland are at the service in St Eugene's Cathedral.

The Very Reverend Monsignor Amaury Medina Blanco delivered a special message of condolence from Pope Francis, paying tribute to Bishop Daly’s "generous and dedicated episcopal ministry in the service of peace and justice".

The current Bishop of Derry, Donal McKeown is giving the homily.

"Today, we come to hand back to God one who was grateful for how he had been blessed in life – and one whose ministry has been an instrument of God’s peace for so many people," he said.

"It was a privilege to stand at the door of the Cathedral over the last three days and hear stories of invaluable acts of kindness, both great and small. The people of the diocese –and beyond – held Bishop Edward Daly in the highest regard," he added.