Simon Community launches 'Welcome Pack' for homeless

Lord Mayor of Belfast Brian Kingston helped launch the initiative. Credit: Damien Edgar
  • By Damien Edgar

The Simon Community has launched a new 'Welcome Pack' initiative for users of their service.

Teaming up with Madlug, the luggage company and social enterprise, the packs will contain basic amenities like food and toiletries for those coming through their doors for the first time.

For every piece of luggage bought through Madlug, a second piece will then be donated to the Simon Community to use.

Caine Hunter has been living with the Simon Community for two years in Coleraine and was involved in the idea.

"I've seen people come in with nothing," he said.

"Even such things as small amounts of food and toiletries until they get their feet under them can really do a lot for their self-esteem.”

Jim Dennison, Chief Executive of the Simon Community, said that it would be a huge help.

"It's for individuals and young individuals who are coming out of the care system or young people who find themselves homeless," he said.

"Unfortunately, we're seeing more and more young people who present as homeless - more and more people with very little.

"We want to give them something to welcome them to the organisation and to ensure that they're clean and fed and ready to move on."