Cyber-crime cost people in NI '£13m last year'

Cyber-crime cost people in Northern Ireland £13m last year, according to new figures.

It was also revealed by the PSNI and online safety organisation Get Safe Online, that over 50% of people in NI felt they were powerless to prevent themselves from having become a victim of online fraud.

PSNI Detective Chief Inspector Dougie Grant from PSNI's Cyber Crime Centre said: "It is estimated that over half of all crime now has a cyber footprint.

"The Police Service of Northern Ireland deals with more than 300 requests a month relating to cyber incidents.

“One in 10 people will be victims of a cyber-crime. Nine out of 10 large organisations have reported suffering a cyber breach."

Online safety expert Tony Neate said: "The fact that Northern Ireland lost £13 million to cyber criminals, and the UK lost nearly £11 billion last year, is frightening and highlights the need for each and every one of us to make sure we are taking our online safety seriously.

“It is clear from our survey that people are very concerned, and rightly so.

"The fact that over half of people in Northern Ireland felt there was nothing that could have been done to stop them becoming a victim is alarming indeed - particularly when it's so easy to protect yourself online. It seems there is still a big education job to do.

"Let's not let cyber criminals get away with it anymore by ensuring that each and every one of us is updating the operating systems of our various devices and ensuring security software is always updated.

"What's more, we all need to ensure that we have a different password for each online account we own and website we visit. Online safety needs to be part of our everyday routines."