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Council apologises over Belfast bin collection chaos

Belfast bin collections were plunged into chaos after informative letters went astray. Photo: UTV

Belfast City Council has moved to apologise after a change to bin collections in the city descended into chaos.

The problem stemmed from the decision to change over schedules and the way that people were to be informed about those alterations.

A total of 160,000 letters were produced to explain the changes for 310 routes.

However, the Council said that when the new bin collections moved into action on Monday morning, it was clear that the communication had not reached around 30-40% of households.

The Council said they were working overtime to rectify the situation. Credit: UTV

The crisis worsened with the news that several hundred of the letters were discovered in a skip in the Oldpark area, meaning they had not been delivered at all.

New letters have been issued but the Council said that could take up to two weeks and the overall problem may not be resolved for another three weeks.

Nigel Grimshaw, Director of City and Neighbourhood Services at the Council, said they were working hard to rectify the issue. “We were dealing with a contractor and unfortunately the contractor let us down on this occasion,” he said.

Nigel Grimshaw (BCC), apologised for the situation. Credit: UTV

“Ultimately we can have our conversation with the contractor, but at the end of the day residents rightly expect the Council to deal with this matter and that’s what we’re doing.

“We are working very hard at the minute to prioritise everything around this, to ensure that we put a fix in place that resolves these issues for people as quickly as possible.”