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Experts demand improvement in NI lung cancer survival rates

Experts call for better lung cancer survival rates across NI and rest of UK. Photo: UTV

Experts from the field of lung cancer treatment are demanding a ‘drastic improvement’ in lung cancer care in NI to boost survival rates.

Leading figures from the UKLCC (UK Lung Cancer Coalition) said that the aim is to boost survival rates to 25% by 2025.

That would lead to 300 additional lives in the five years following 2025 being saved.

"Currently, in Northern Ireland, only one in ten people with lung cancer are still alive five years after diagnosis in Northern Ireland," says Dr Wendy Anderson, Consultant Respiratory Physician, Antrim and Northern Ireland's Lung Cancer Co-Lead.

"Despite concerted efforts to tackle inequalities and improve prevention and outcomes, lung cancer five-year survival rates for Northern Ireland still lag severely behind our European counterparts and compare poorly with other major common cancer types.”

A new report “25 by 25: a 10-year strategy to improve lung cancer survival rates” draws on the experience of experts across the UK.

Almost two thirds of those surveyed for the report said that they believed that early diagnosis was the key to seeing survival rates improve.