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IN PICS: Supermoon over Northern Ireland

The Supermoon visible above Greenisland on Monday evening. Photo: UTV

The Supermoon was visible across Northern Ireland on Monday evening.

It is the closest the moon has been to Earth in 70 years.

The moon appears to glow brightly over Lambeg, Co Antrim. Credit: Sorcha and Amy McConnell

The next Supermoon is expected in 2034, another 18 years away.

Astronomers said it was the most visible moon since 1948.

A zoomed out view of the same picture frames the moon through tree branches. Credit: Sorcha and Amy McConnell

The moon appeared more visible in certain areas.

Those hoping to catch a glimpse of it have been advised to choose an area with a landmark for comparison.

This image was captured above Belfast. Credit: Peter Rush

This image from Scott Mairs managed to pick out the distinctive craters and rises of the moon's surface.

The moon's features are clearly visible. Credit: Scott Mairs

Terry Mosely from the Irish Astonomer's Association said that it was a rare occurrence for this particular super moon.

"A Supermoon happens every year or so, but this one happens to be an exceptionally close one," he said.

In Bangor, it took on a whiter hue. Credit: Raymond Mount

The prospect of the rare phenomenon was even enough to get people out on the promenade in Newcastle in the November weather.

Newcastle promenade. Credit: Christopher Kelly

In Newtownabbey, the moon was bright and clear, as Donna Sterritt's pictures show.

Credit: Donna and Ray Sterritt
Credit: Donna and Ray Sterritt

Brian J Brown captured this picturesque vista, with the moon shining brighter even than the streetlights.

Credit: Brian J Brown

Meanwhile in Markethill, Victor Houston framed his photo with a rather festive evergreen tree.

Credit: Victor Houston