Riley on mend after tumble-dryer rescue by Teddy the Dog

Riley pictured previously with his sisters, Sophie and Sasha, and his hero Teddy. Credit: Family photo

Little Co Down boy Riley Gedge-Duffy, who was rescued from a tumble-dryer by Teddy the Dog, is said to be on the mend and looking forward to a reunion with his hero.

The five-year-old has been in hospital since suffering burns and numerous bumps and bruises when the tumble-dryer turned on automatically after he climbed in and closed the door.

He was only saved from more serious injuries when the dog – who previously saved the family when a phone charger caught fire - raised the alarm.

Teddy went to get help and Riley's parents found the little boy going round and round in the tumble-dryer. Credit: Family photo

“Riley’s waiting on the doctors coming round to assess him,” his dad, Aaron Duffy, said on Tuesday.

“He’s due to have a CT scan today, so that’s the concerning part at the minute – just to make sure that he gets through that all right.”

He added: “He had X-rays yesterday and they were happy enough with that, but they just want to double-check and clear any bruising that’s in and around the head.

“But he’s up smiling and he’s in good enough form, so fingers crossed if that goes well, we might get him home this evening.”

Riley suffered bumps and bruises as well as burns. Credit: Family photo

The rescue by cockapoo ‘Super Teddy’ made headlines across the UK and Riley’s dad said he spoke out about what had happened to make other parents aware of the possible dangers around tumble-dryers.

While some brands require a manual start, the family’s starts automatically when the door is closed – and they didn’t realise it could be closed from the inside.

“It’s something that never, ever crossed my mind,” Aaron said.

The family will now have to look at securing their utility room as Riley, who has Down’s syndrome, loves to explore and hide away and doesn’t understand the risks.

And, while Teddy may be there to look after her little buddy, his parents will certainly be hoping no more heroics are required from their clever pooch.

The family are very proud of 'Super Teddy'. Credit: Family photo