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Expanded Christmas Market opens in Belfast

The Christmas Market has opened in Belfast for the twelfth time since 2004 . The annual market has all of the usual wares and was packed out on Saturday as it opened its doors for the first time outside City Hall.

Alan Hartwell is the managing director of the market and said that there would be plenty for people to peruse.

“It’s a very special market this,” he said.

The Christmas Market has returned to Belfast for the twelfth time since 2004. Credit: UTV

“It ranked in the top ten in Europe, it’s not because of the size of the market, it just punches above its weight.

“I think it’s one of those things that the people make this market.

“It’s expanded outside the City Hall grounds for the first time, we now have stalls outside on the frontage of Donegall Square North too.

“This year we have the fairy trail as part of an expanded market too.”