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Harley the Belfast Dachshund shows off his balancing skills

The owner of Harley the Dachshund, the Belfast balancing dog, has told UTV how the pet’s unique talent was discovered.

The little sausage dog with a big following became an internet sensation after videos of him balancing things on his head went viral.

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His owner Jennifer Scott and her partner Paul Lavery told UTV how it all began.

“I was just playing with Harley one day and he had a little toy and he kept bringing it over to me for me to throw,” Paul explained.

“He brought me it and I put it on his head and he just froze and sat still so I gave Jennifer a shout and by the time she came down he was still standing still with the little toy on his head, that’s how we found out he could balance stuff on his head.

“Jennifer started taking pictures of him balancing different things on his head, we were doing different themes like Halloween, Christmas, St Patrick’s Day and she started getting lots of followers.”

He added: “At first I didn’t think she would get any followers, I was like ‘who would be interested in seeing stuff on Harley’s head’. But Jennifer had an idea it was going to take off.”

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Jennifer said: “I just thought it would be a bit of fun and then we started getting more and more followers from all around the world and they were commenting saying how cute he was.

“It’s been a bit overwhelming, within 24 hours it really took off and then our friends were sending us pictures of newspaper articles from around the world – it was crazy.”

Paul added: “Luckily Harley hasn’t got an ego from all of this, I don’t think he really knows how famous he is now. He’s taking it all in his stride.”

Harley's balancing act has made headlines all over the world, from as far as Russia, to America where his Donald Trump impersonation went down a storm, to China, Germany, Switzerland and even Nigeria.

There is now speculation that Harley's trick could land him in the Guinness Book of World Records.