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Survivors ‘vindicated’ by report into historic abuse

Survivors said they feel vindicated by the findings. Photo: UTV

Survivors have told UTV they feel “vindicated” following the publication of the Historical Institutional Abuse inquiry’s findings.

The families said they are relieved, adding: “Our day has come.”

Campaigner Margaret McGukin described it as a special day, after years when “people disbelieved us and even bullied us for daring to complain”.

She added: "And now Sir Anthony Harte (inquiry chairman) has made it a special day for us where he has believed us and vindicated us."

The inquiry has recommended that victims of historical abuse in Northern Ireland should receive state-backed compensation payments of up to £100,000.

However, concern has been expressed over whether the current political impasse could hold up the process.

Campaigner Jon McCourt said: "I would remind the new leadership of politics in the north that, when we sat in the Executive around the table with Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness in 2010, both of them promised us they would not let us down. Don't let us down now.”

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A spokesman for the Executive Office said the intention was to put the report to the ministerial Executive at the earliest opportunity.

"The Executive Office remains sensitive to the needs of all those who have suffered abuse and is mindful of the destructive impact it has had on many people.

“Services continue to be available for those affected through the HIA Support Service, telephone (028) 90 75 01 31.

"The Executive Office will continue to engage with and support victims and survivors' groups."

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