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Trump protest held outside US consulate in Belfast

Protestors gathered at the US consulate on Thursday evening. Photo: Press Eye

An anti-Trump protest has been held outside the US consulate in Belfast.

Crowds gathered at the building on Thursday evening to demonstrate against the President's controversial executive order that has temporarily barred citizens from seven mainly Muslim countries entering the US.

Credit: Press Eye

The torch and candlelight vigil coincided with protests being held in towns and cities across the UK, the USA and elsewhere.

Organiser Jennie Carlsten, an American citizen living in Belfast, said Donald Trump's polices are "an affront to American ideals and to human rights and dignity".

She said: "We are asking people to join our vigil, with torches, candles or even mobile phone lights to show that we want the United States to once again be a beacon of hope, rather than a symbol of inhumanity."

Credit: Press Eye