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Nesbitt ‘no regrets’ over SDLP pledge as UUP launches manifesto

The Ulster Unionist Party launched its manifesto on Tuesday. Photo: Press Eye

The Ulster Unionist Party has launched its election manifesto.

It calls for ‘real partnership’ at the heart of government in Northern Ireland and sets out plans for reforming Stormont.

At the launch in Belfast on Tuesday, the UUP leader Mike Nesbitt said he has no regrets about pledging to give a second preference vote to the SDLP.

He said criticism of his stance would not deflect him from striving for a "better" NI and explained that he was "relaxed" that colleagues were taking a different position based on the electoral dynamics within their own constituencies - but that he stood by his principles.

"You can have domination or you can have partnership - domination doesn't work, partnership does,” said Mr Nesbitt.

“It is the only pathway to reconciliation, tolerance, trust and respect.

"People have tried to dominate in this country and other countries and other continents since time immemorial - it doesn't work."

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