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Alliance Party launches its Assembly election manifesto

Alliance Party leader Naomi Long pictured at Tuesday's manifesto launch. Credit: Pacemaker

Alliance has published its Assembly election manifesto which outlines the party's vision for changing society in Northern Ireland.

Naomi Long is the second party leader this week to announce she has been struck down with the flu, but she didn't hold back when she confirmed what her party's focus is in this election.

“RHI is a scandal, £20m a year is not to be sniffed at, but £800m a year on the costs of division, on the costs of serving a segregated society is the real scandal which any Executive post-election needs to be able to challenge,” she said at the launch on Tuesday.

“We have a plan to do that. Our initiative is about looking towards assessing where the expenditure can be reduced.”

Ms Long set out the five key aims in the party manifesto which as well as a pledge for a stronger Alliance team include: establishing an open and honest government; building a progressive society; better jobs and a stronger economy as well as better healthcare and education.

She also said the party was focused on making political donations public and took aim at the DUP and questions it has been facing over a donation it received for a pro-Brexit campaign publication.

“Clarity around donations, we have £250k of a donation made to a party, possibly the largest donation in Northern Ireland’s political history, and yet no one in Northern Ireland from whom that donation was procured.

This manifesto launch for the new party leader has come much earlier than she will have planned when she first took the job, nonetheless she is aiming for her party to win the same number of Assembly seats as it did last year, despite there being fewer on offer this time round.

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