Police pose as cyclists in new road safety campaign

Police are posing as cyclists as part of a new campaign aimed at educating the public and improving road safety.

Officers in plain clothes will be going out on bikes with cameras attached, keeping an eye out for ‘close pass’ incidents where drivers don’t give cyclists enough space.

They will also be looking for offences cyclists commit, such as running red lights and cycling on the footpath.

Police said the first phase of their ‘see the cyclist’ campaign is all about education and unless the incident is very dangerous they will not seek to prosecute.

They want to talk to as many drivers as possible and get the message out there - but said in time there could be prosecutions if it continues.

A “considerable” number of people have already been spoken to since the campaign launched in Belfast and other police districts will also be getting involved.

PSNI Facebook Craigavon said: “There is no doubt that in the cyclist v motorist debate there are good and bad on both sides.

“This is about making our roads safer, sharing that road to zero, and lowering the number of casualties we have every year.

“So what can you do? Well, it is called 'See The Cyclist'.

“We also want cyclists to fit cameras. If you witness or are victim of any dangerous drivers, you can bring that footage to us.

“Equally, drivers, it's about looking out for cyclists.

“Give them as much room as you would a car, remembering that they have as much right to be on the road as you do. If you have a dash cam or witness offences, you can do likewise and report it to us.

"So beware. Next time you scrape by a bike with no consideration, it could be us!”