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QUB expert's 'miracle material' may stop cracked screens

Credit: PA

A scientist at Queen's University has led an expert team to the discovery of a new material which could make broken smart phone screens a thing of the past.

It could also be used to make phones lighter, more efficient and more durable.

At present, much of a smart phone is made of silicon and other compounds, which are expensive and break easily, but with almost 1.5 billion smart phones bought worldwide last year, manufacturers are seeking something more durable and less costly.

Dr Elton Santos from Queen’s University’s School of Mathematics and Physics, has been working along with scientists from prestigious institutions in both the USA and Japan to produce devices capable of conducting electricity at a high speed and which are light, durable and easy to manufacture.

Dr Santos says a combination of chemical compounds has created a ‘miracle material’ with similar physical properties to silicon, but lighter and more flexible.

This could be used to ensure smart phones, tablets and similar devices are much less likely to break.

Devices may also use less energy and have improved battery life, says Dr Santos.