Belfast sewer problem ‘only tip of the fatberg’

The process of clearing the sewers will take some time. Credit: UTV

Over 100 tonnes of congealed fat and grease has caused a massive so-called “fatberg” to block a Belfast sewer and it could take weeks to clear.

The blockage below the Dublin Road is the size of a mini-bus and had even lifted a number of manhole covers.

That is just the tip of the fatberg though.

In the last two years alone, NI Water has spent over £5m clearing blockages from the sewer system.

In the process, they have turned up some strange items – from traffic cones and Barbie dolls, to a baby car seat, a sofa, and a 6ft Christmas tree.

Workers even once found a live kitten in Ballyclare Wastewater Treatment Works.

But, as Richard Cull reports, 80% of the blockages were caused by fat, oil and grease build-ups.