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Police at Belfast International adopt body-worn cameras

The airport is adopting the technology after the PSNI started using it. Photo: UTV

Police at Belfast International Airport have started using body-worn video cameras.

It comes after the devices were adopted by the PSNI.

The airport said they will be used to serve as a deterrent, record images during an incident and also reduce the likelihood of “vexatious complaints” against officers.

Airport manager Graham Keddie said body-worn video cameras will give an “added dimension” to the work of the Airport Constabulary.

Mr Keddie said: "A large part of what our officers do is head off disruption or trouble before it becomes an issue.

“Body-worn cameras will greatly assist in that task.

"They will also serve to reduce ill-founded complaints against officers. They are a distinct and valuable addition to the range of equipment at the disposal of our officers."