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Bonfires 'do not represent community' - SF

A bonfire was burned in the New Lodge area. Photo: UTV

Sinn Féin have said those involved in Tuesday night's bonfires in the New Lodge and Divis areas of Belfast do not represent their communities.

Two cars were set alight during disturbances in the New lodge.

Young people - some believed to be as young as 10 - had gathered close to North Queen Street where a bonfire was lit.

A bonfire close to flats in the New Lodge was still smoldering on Wednesday morning.

Credit: UTV

It had brought dozens of young people onto the streets the previous night - resulting in disorder and damage to property.

Sinn Féin councillor JJ Magee said: “Two cars had been burned out before the bonfire was even lit.

“There was a lot of people from outside the area who had come in and it wasn’t a good scene, a lot of rave music and a lot of alcohol.

“These people are generally the ones who are involved in anti-social behaviour, torturing the residents around here, not letting the residents get on with their lives.”

Credit: UTV

One woman told UTV what happened does not represent the community.

She said some of those living nearby were unable to get to their beds because of the noise, while some of those involved were as young as 10.

There are also reports a car was pushed into this bonfire in the Divis area of west Belfast - close to where there was disorder on Monday night.

Belfast City Council has confirmed the contractor appointed to remove dangerous bonfire material has stepped back over health and safety concerns.

It now falls on elected representatives at City Hall to find a way forward for the coming months and years.