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Petition to preserve iconic Dark Hedges

A petition has been started to preserve the iconic Dark Hedges in Ballymoney, Co Antrim.

The avenue of ancient beech trees - which has become famous as the ‘King’s Road’ in the HBO series Game of Thrones - is seemingly the victim of its own popularity.

There is concern increased tourists and vehicle traffic has added to the erosion of grass verges and damaged roots.

Some visitors have also been carving their names into the trees.

Names have been carved into the trees. Credit: UTV

Dark Hedges campaigner Bob McCallion said: “The local Causeway Coast and Glens Council stepped up to the mark at the end of 2015 and agreed to act.

“They have a strategy document for here but we want that document to be progressed as quickly as possible and have this road closed now.

“We’re up against a lot here but we really need these trees protected.

“Somebody needs to take control of this site that will have a bit of power, a budget and a timeline to get something done.”

The trees are a popular tourist attraction. Credit: UTV