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Irish family’s battle with flying bat goes viral

The bat caused chaos in the Fleming household, but hilarity online. Credit: Tadhg Fleming

An Irish family’s bid to catch a bat that flew into their house has been viewed by more than one million people on Facebook, leaving most of them in stitches.

Tadhg Fleming, from Tralee in Co Kerry, captured the moment his intrepid father Derry was left to brave the bat armed with only a tea towel – while his mum Maureen watched from the safety of behind a glass door.

With such helpful instructions as “Get that bat out of the house” and “Bigger towel, that’s it”, Tadgh can be heard trying to offer encouragement to his dad.

He’s making a mockery out of you, boy …

– Tadgh Fleming

The drama of it all becomes too much for the family’s pet dog though, with the poor pooch ending up peeing on the floor.

The bat also seems to start to wear itself out, prompting the cameraman to declare: “He’s like McGregor, he’s got no legs left.”

The winged intruder is finally deposited out the door unharmed, while it remains unclear whether the disgraced pup had to join him outside.

The video has also been viewed by hundreds of thousands more people on Twitter, reducing them to laughter at the escapade.

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