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£9m set aside to repair North West flood damage

Damage caused by flash floods in Drumahoe, Co Londonderry in August. Credit: Presseye

The Department for Infrastructure (DfI) says it has set aside £9m to pay for the damage caused by August's floods in the North West.

The cash has been allocated to fix roads and bridges in the region.

It is six-weeks since torrential rain hit the North West causing widespread damage to homes, roads, bridges and farms.

More than 200 roads were closed or impacted by the flooding.

The Department says almost 80% of closed roads are now reopened and 750 metres of flood defences repaired.

Onlookers watch on as crews word to remove cars from the River Faughan at Drumahoe following flash floods across parts of Northern Ireland in August. Credit: Presseye

Around 600 bridges were also affected by the flooding.

The Department has inspected around half of the bridges so far, identifying 70 in need of repair, although it says more of the work is not significant.

Damage to the Ballynameen Bridge in Claudy is causing the most disruption and work to fix this is being prioritised. Repairs are due to start in the next few weeks but will take 6 months to complete.

Around 1800 metres of river flood defences were damaged in the flooding but 50% of those have been repaired.

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