Brokenshire to issue update on Stormont talks

Secretary of State James Brokenshire is to update MPs in Parliament on Wednesday.

Northern Ireland Secretary James Brokenshire has stayed in Belfast to provide an update on the state of power-sharing talks.

It had been thought he would speak in the House of Commons, however it is now understood he will do that on Thursday.

The DUP and Sinn Féin failed to meet Mr Brokenshire's Monday deadline to reach agreement to restore the institutions

He had previously warned the parties that they had until Monday to produce a written agreement or he would be forced to legislate for a budget for the region at Westminster.

However, he decided to extend the deadline as he believed the parties had made "progress" in their negotiations.

After another full day of talks on Tuesday both parties left Stormont after 9pm without sign of a breakthrough.

Talks are expected to resume on Wednesday morning.

It is now up to Mr Brokenshire to decide if he will push ahead and legislate for a budget, or further defer the process in the hope the parties can find a compromise.

The Northern Ireland Executive collapsed in January and the region has been without a powersharing government since then.

Despite endless rounds of discussions, a deal to restore devolution has proved elusive, with the introduction of an Irish language act seen as the main issue.