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Unheard audio of backpacker murdered in Northern Ireland released

Previously unheard audio of a murdered German backpacker has emerged nearly thirty years after the teenager's death.

Inga Maria Hauser was 18-years-old when she was killed shortly after arriving in Northern Ireland on a ferry from Scotland in 1988.

The teenager recorded herself singing and playing the guitar in the bedroom of her home in Munich before setting off on her travels.

  • Listen to Inga's previously unheard recording

Her notorious murder remains unsolved, but her memory has been poignantly brought to life, with her family's permission, on ‘The Keeley Chronicles’, a blog dedicated to the 18-year-old.

The teenager’s body was found in April 1988, two weeks after she stepped off the ferry. It had been dumped in a remote part of Ballypatrick Forest on the outskirts of Ballycastle.

Ballypatrick Forest Park where the body of Inga Maria Heuser was found Credit: Pacemaker

SDLP MLA John Dallat who’s sought justice for Inga since her brutal murder says he thinks anyone who listens to the clip will be moved.

He said: “I can’t believe anyone who has got any compassion in their veins at all won’t be moved by this recording, and won’t give serious reflection to the role that they can play in ensuring that those who murdered Inga Maria Hauser are brought to justice.”

Mr Dallat hopes that hearing the teenager’s voice from beyond the grave will prompt those thought to be protecting the killer to speak out.

He said: “I hope coming up to her 30th anniversary that people will join together and make it perfectly clear to those who did it, or are involved in the cover-up, or who are witnesses, go to the police and allow the Hauser family to bring closure to their beautiful and talented young daughter.”

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