Belfast City Council is to discuss its security after a report said the City Hall was vulnerable to a terrorist attack.

The safety assessment was requested following atrocities across the UK. Councils asked for the report to be carried out in light of other terrorist attacks in crowded places in London and Manchester.

The National Counter-Terrorism Security Office has warned the layout of City Hall and its location in Belfast make it a high risk area, vulnerable to attack by an intruder using explosives or knives.

An attack in Belfast is less likely than in Great Britain but according to the report, there remains a significant risk.

Security and intelligence expert Philip Ingram commented: “I am slightly concerned that some of the security measures that had been put in place don't seem to meet the standards that you'd expect."

A council statement said "it was actively considering the additional security measures to protect staff and the public".

Last year, it introduced large planters on the pavements - something the council says "is seen as a sensible precaution to assist pedestrian safety".

Several councillors have raised concerns about security measures at City Hall and enhancing security precautions will be debated by councillors on Friday morning at a meeting of the council's Strategic Policy and Resources Committee.