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Warning after dog food laced with anti-freeze left at popular walking spot

Pet owners are being urged to be careful after dog food laced with anti-freeze was found at a popular walkway in east Belfast.

The Comber Greenway is popular with cyclists, walkers and pet owners.

It was at a spot near Barnetts Road where the spiked food was found - the second time in the area in recent weeks.

The poisonous substance can make dogs and cats very ill and require veterinary care.

A photograph of the malicious offering was posted on Facebook warning dog and cat lovers to be vigilant.

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“It’s most disturbing because not only are there dog walkers, there are cats and foxes and badgers,” one dog walker out on the Greenway told UTV.

“The dog food could be eaten by any of those animals. It’s not the first time this has happened.”

Pet owners are advised to take any animal suspected of eating toxic food to see a vet immediately.

Anyone with information about the contaminated dog food is asked to contact the police.