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Vandals pull down Christmas lights at nursing home

The residents of a Ballyclare nursing home have told UTV they will still celebrate the spirit of the festive season, despite the fact that their Christmas tree is in darkness.

Vandals pulled down the outside illuminations at the Clareview home in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Manager Sharon Bell said: “The staff that were on duty that night were doing their rounds and they heard a commotion out in the car park.

“When they looked out the windows they could see a lot of young lads in the car park, at the tree and they took a hold of the lights and pulled them out across the car park.”

The residents say they're determined to enjoy Christmas. Credit: UTV

Despite the anti-social behaviour, the nursing home is full of praise for the majority of young people in the area.

Sharon went on: “The local kids are excellent, they come here and volunteer and visit and it’s just a shame there’s a small element that’s giving them a bad name.”

The residents of Clareview Nursing Home say they are determined to enjoy Christmas and the outside lights will be switched on again by the weekend.