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Neglected donkeys given sanctuary after rescue

Three neglected donkeys are hoping to find a new home after they were rescued from a barren strip of land in north Belfast.

They were recovered after a concerned member of the public reported them to the donkey sanctuary.

It was clear when they were found that they'd been badly neglected, there was very little grass for them to graze, they had no shelter and one had hooves so long she was unable to get up to try and feed.

The trio include a mother and daughter and have been named Faith, Hope and Charity.

The three have been nursed back to full health and are now hoping to find a stable of their own.

“We are looking for a home, preferably for all three together because they’ve been together as a unit,” Jane Bruce from the Donkey Sanctuary explained.

“Somebody with suitable facilities, suitable shelter, somebody who’s going to put time in with the donkeys as well, it’s important to spend handling time with them, get them socialised because they are still quite nervous at this stage, they haven’t had a lot of handling.”