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Storm Eleanor Mini driver ‘knew what she was doing’

The Mini ploughed through crashing waves at Salthill in Galway. Credit: PA/The Latin Quarter Galway

A Mini driver caught on camera manoeuvring her way through crashing waves in Galway during Storm Eleanor has said she knew exactly what she was doing.

Selina Callaghan, 28 and from Donegal, had been watching the growing swell from the promenade at Salthill on Tuesday night.

Authorities had issued their second highest level of alert and warned against unnecessary journeys.

Gales of up to 100mph were particularly affecting exposed coastal areas, bringing down trees and power lines, and causing waves to crash onto the shore.

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“Yesterday was like a walk in the park,” Ms Callaghan said.

“Fire is much more harmful than water - you just need to respect the water and it will respect you.”

But the driver was fortunate to be able to move her car to safety, even as it appeared to be lifted slightly off the road by the force of the water.

The video has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times after being shared on Twitter.

“I would not put myself in a risky situation,” Ms Callaghan added.

“I am literally heading out of a risky situation - I am not putting myself at any form of risk.”

Selina Callaghan with her Mini. Credit: PA