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Police attacked with petrol bombs at Derry hoax alert

Police condemned those who threw missiles. Photo:

Police have come under attack while dealing with a hoax security alert in Londonderry.

Missiles including petrol bombs and fireworks were thrown by a small group of people, after officers were called to the Lecky Road flyover on Sunday.

No-one was injured, police said.

It followed reports of a suspect device under the flyover. A number of homes had to be evacuated while the Army carried out examinations.

The device was found to be a hoax.

The alert has now ended and residents have been allowed to return, while police have strongly condemned those who threw missiles.

Chief Inspector Alan Hutton said: “This small minority of individuals showed a complete disregard for their area and the community who live there, by attacking police this afternoon.

“Their actions serve no purpose other than to cause harm to our community and lead to criminal convictions for young people.

“Thankfully no one was injured and despite these incidents, police will continue to provide the dedicated service to the local community."