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Union claims over 200 jobs to go at Schlumberger

The union Unite claims Schlumberger will close after the company rejected a rescue bid. Credit: Presseye

There are fears for the future of hundreds of jobs at Schlumberger’s plant in Newtownabbey, Co Antrim.

The union Unite claims the manufacturing firm will close after the company rejected a rescue bid by local management.

The company is one of the world’s largest oil firms and employs over 200 staff in Newtowabbey.

In October 2017, Schlumberger announced plans to close the factory in an attempt to lower costs.

Unite regional officer, Susan Fitzgerald said the company wants to move production to Asia and Central America.

She said: “Today they confirmed to workforce representatives that they had rejected a local management counterproposal which offered a way to save some of the jobs on site through production diversification.

“The proposal would have resulted in a significant increase in operating utilisation rates but was rejected by a corporate management who remain intent on offshoring production to low cost centres in Mexico and China and back to the United States.”

The union said it will meet on Wednesday to decide its response to the decision to reject the rescue bid.

Schlumberger has been contacted for comment.