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Disabled woman forced from home after vandals smash windows

A vulnerable woman from with severe physical and learning disabilities has been forced out of her home in Londonderry after its windows were smashed in an attack.

The family of the 28-year-old with Cerebral Palsy are heartbroken that their home in the Galliagh area was attacked at the weekend. Thankfully none of them were at home when it happened.

The woman, who is in a wheelchair and has serious learning difficulties, is in respite care and will have to remain there for several weeks while repairs are carried out.

The house has special equipment to meet the woman's needs.

It means she's been separated from the caring environment and the personal equipment she so desperately needs.

Family members were too upset to speak on camera but they told UTV they don't why the house was targeted.

Windows were smashed and the glass in the front door was shattered.

A garden ornament was used to attack the house and was left behind in pieces.

It is understood police have made an arrest in connection with the attack.